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Cakes and Cupcakes

We make 12-15 different flavors daily. Call for daily special flavors. Unless otherwise noted, Cakes are available in all Cupcake flavors below. Please place standard cake orders at least 72 hours in advance. Custom decorated cake orders require 14 days notice. Cake orders for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday frequently book up early so order well in advance. We accept cash, credit cards, and PayPal. 




$8 local (Berkeley) delivery for 12 or more Cupcakes, or any Cake. $12-$45 to other locations around the Bay Area.  See our delivery page for details. Alternatively, you can order individual cupcakes for delivery by Uber Eats



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Cupcakes: $4.25  each ($4.50 Vegan or Gluten Free)

Mini-Cupcakes: $1.95 each ($2.15 Vegan or Gluten Free)

One Dozen Regular Cupcakes: $46.75

Cupcake packaging sizes: Single, Double, Four, Six, and Twelve

Individually boxed: 75 cents per box

Cakes: 6" Round—2-layer (serves 6-8)     $40

                                 3-layer (serves 8-12)    $48

             9" Round—2-layer (serves 12-16)  $60

                                 3-layer (serves 16-20)  $81

             Quarter sheet (serves 24+)              $84

             Half sheet (serves 50+)                  $152

Note: Cake prices above include standard frosting and inscription. Vegan or Gluten Free 10% additional $.

Call today for a quote on custom decorated cakes including adding

your favorite image or photo.  Custom colors, and toppers with company logo, etc... also available.  . Stand rentals available for events and Weddings. See our Gallery for examples.

narwhal cake.jpg


lavender earl grey 

A delightful earl grey cake topped with a lovely lavender buttercream frosting.

classic vanilla 
Madagascar vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting

(Also available Gluten Free or Vegan)

Guittard chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting (Also available Gluten Free)

chocolate salted caramel
chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting

soft coconut cupcakes with fluffy meringue frosting and coconut snowflakes

red velvet
very red red velvet cupcakes made with Guittard cocoa, topped with seductive cream cheese frosting
(Also available Gluten Free)

monkey love
banana cupcakes topped with vanilla or chocolate buttercream or cream cheese frosting

bunny love
carrot cupcakes with pecans and pineapple, frosted with classic cream cheese frosting (Also available Vegan)

a delicious Southern cake with bananas, pineapple & pecans, topped with cream cheese frosting

pretty in pink
delightful strawberry cupcakes with blushing pink strawberry buttercream, made with real strawberries (Also available Gluten Free)

lemon kiss
light & fluffy lemon cupcakes kissed with lemoncello cream cheese frosting

pumpkin bliss (SEASONAL) 

pumpkin spice cupcakes wedded in bliss with cream cheese frosting


Sweet Potato (SEASONAL)

A delicious sweet potato cake smothered with marshmallow frosting topped with a candied pecan.

German Chocolate (SPECIAL ORDER) 

A Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting topped with a dollop of coconut and pecan drizzled with chocolate ganache

passion fruit (May Flavor of The Month)

A delightful sweet floral cupcake bursting with flavor that melts in your mouth


ultimate chocolate
devil's food chocolate cake with a decadent mocha frosting

lemon pistachio
light & fluffy lemon cupcakes frosted with pistachio buttercream

chocolate pistachio
Guittard chocolate cupcakes frosted with pistachio buttercream

black bottom
12 or more standard Cupcakes only with 48 hours notice
dense and moist chocolate cake with a cream cheese center filled with Guittard semisweet chocolate

PB affair 
devil's food chocolate cake frosted with peanut butter buttercream, topped with peanut butter maltball

cookies & cream
devil's food chocolate cake frosted with Oreo-vanilla buttercream, topped with Oreo cookie chunks

mud pie
devil's food chocolate cake with whipped mocha frosting, topped with Oreo cookie crumbs

chocolate maltball
Guittard chocolate cupcakes with malted milk frosting, topped with a chocolate malted milk ball

matcha green tea
a delicate green tea cake made with ceremonial matcha tea, topped with matcha-infused whipped cream

vegan chocolate
the richest, moistest chocolate cake you'll ever taste. No eggs, no dairy, vegan. Topped with mocha frosting.

vegan ginger 
spicy vegan gingerbread cake topped with limoncello-cream cheese frosting


Key Lime Pie A graham cracker crust base, key lime cake, filled with lime cream cheese and key lime cream cheese frosting.

Passion Fruit.png
sweet potato cupcake cropped.png
German Chocolate.PNG

Additional Cake Favors

cookie love

devil's food chocolate cake, filled with layers of cookies & cream frosting and finished with our popular mocha frosting and more chocolate cookie crumbs.

Cake Pops

cake pops 4.HEIC

Cake Pops

Made from the same delicious ingredients as our cupcakes, smothered in dark or white chocolate on a stick. Flavors vary from day to day. $2.95 each



Cookies that melt in your mouth. Available in traditional chocolate chip. or the Cowboy, an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with chopped pecans and coconut. $3.50 each. Shipping available.



Tender, flakey cream cheese pastry stuffed with cranberries, cherries, pecans, walnuts & Saigon cinnamon. Originally from Poland, $4.50 each

Shipping available.

For your pet

Pup Cakes

Healthy, delicious bite size snacks your dog will love! Made with peanut butter, banana, and bacon, $1.75 each

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